Download Spotify Premium APK

Download Spotify Premium APK

Spotify is the best app for streaming music anywhere you go. Spotify lets you browse through the long list of Music. Genres, artist and others and lets you choose your favorite music from the list. This is a featured pack app with top-notch services. The Spotify app provides crisp audio, large catalog offline playback and tons of playlist.
Although Spotify lacks some amazing features like the live internet radio, sports, etc still it’s been considered favorite by most of the music listeners.
Spotify is available in the Play store for Android and is not so tricky download. There is, however, one condition that you need to have space on your internal memory to download the app. There are two versions of the app, the free one and the premium or the paid version. Let us take a look at the features of both versions.

Spotify free version

There is no price charge to start with the free version of the Spotify premium apk. In this version, you will find more than 40 million songs. It is available for all platforms like PC, tablet, PS3, and Android. With the free version of the Spotify apk, you can easily stream the music from anywhere. Here you need to go for any type of subscription charges. You can listen to your favorite artists from anywhere or you can also browse for a favorite playlist. You can also create your own playlist and share it with the other Spotify users. Signing up as a free user is totally hassle free and free of cost.

Spotify Premium Version

The Spotify premium version starts with a monthly price of $9.99 however if you are a student then you will get a concession and thus you can garner their services at $4.99 monthly. There is, however, one more deal as well which is for the whole family where you need to pay $14.99 for 6 accounts in the family. If you subscribe their services annually then you will be charged $99 annually which is great of course. Coming to the features of the Spotify premium, in the Spotify premium, you will get more than 40 million songs and also newly released songs as well. In the free version, the newly released songs are locked till two weeks from the day of release in Spotify. The special features that the Spotify premium apk has, other than mobile streaming is ad-free listening, unlimited skips, and offline listening.

So it is highly likely that most of the people will go for Spotify premium only but then the price is a little bit high. Therefore you can get the cracked version of Spotify apk and enjoy all the features of the Spotify apk plus some additional features as well. Let us take a look at the Spotify cracked apk.

Spotify Cracked Apk

Spotify cracked apk has some special features which do not even exist in the Spotify premium as well. In this modded apk, you will find the audio and video ads blocked for most of the countries. The ads, when comes in between any songs make you irritated and thus this is blocked in the Spotify cracked apk. The seeking feature has been enabled in this modded apk. Generally, Spotify does not provide unlimited shuffles with their premium apk but however, with this apk, you can go for unlimited shuffles. The one more feature that is the charm of the Spotify apk is the extreme audio feature which is also been unlocked in the mod apk version of the Spotify. The Spotify connect feature is unlocked for the cc videos only and you will not get it unlocked for the cc audio. To install the mod apk follow the steps given below.

Installing the Spotify cracked APK

First, you need to make sure that you have uninstalled the previous version of the Spotify apk and that there are no Spotify trails on your mobile phone. TO check it, simply go to settings and click apps and then go to downloaded apps. Thereupon check for any trails of the Spotify apk.
Next, you need to go to your security settings and select “allow apps from the third party”. This will ensure that you can download apk and install the apk other than Google play store.

Download the Spotify cracked apk from the list given below. If you are not a developer then you can select the final version and enjoy the seamless quality of music on your earphone.

After successfully installing the apk you need to log in to facebook in the app in order to get started.
To do so you need to provide your credentials on Facebook in the space provided.
Remember, if you have installed the facebook app then it is highly likely that it may interrupt the Spotify cracked version and thus it is recommended to uninstall the facebook app or disable it for few moments.

After uninstalling facebook app you can simply log in with your credentials on facebook. Once you are logged in, you can reinstall your facebook app and use it as it as.
Now that you have logged in properly, you can use the Spotify PREMIUM apk version freely.

spotify video guide how to Install ?


There are a lot of apps that gives strong competition to the Spotify app as it lacks some features but then once those who have used it has never switched to any other app. The mod version has a lot of features than the Spotify premium app and thus you will enjoy bit by bit of the app. It is highly likely that you may face some problems during the use of the apk, so don’t panic. All you need to do is uninstall the app and reinstall the app again to avoid any bugs or issues while streaming to latest music with this Spotify cracked apk.

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