ShowBox is up & working fine

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Why does the app ask for age & Gender?

The application requests data on the age and field when you first start. Many users do not know the true reason for this option. First of all, this is done to determine the age group and acceptable content. Minor users do not have access to adult content.

ShowBox does not transfer the received information to third parties. All information is stored on the server. Data may be provided only at the request of the copyright holders. The application does not request more detailed information, so the actual user data remains incognito.

Customers may not be concerned about the collection of personal data. The application can not independently collect information from the owner of the gadget. This is done in order to secure all people who have downloaded APK files.
This information helps in ranking torrents and determining user priorities. Statistical data is located on the application servers and improves search results. This allows users to get better service. Also, the application will soon appear for iOS. This is great news for all Apple fans. Now they will access the required content quickly and efficiently.

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